Water management

The full availability of drinkable water is one of the most important achievements of modern age and the most underestimated too!

It is indeed incredible that almost in all the so-called “civilized countries" one can simply open the tap to have as much drinkable water as one wants…and it is also incredible how easy it is to simply leave the tap open to waste such water!!

The awareness of the preciousness of drinkable water lead us to commit, over the last few years, in reducing its consumption through the installation of specific devices in the Passenger Terminal; the latter allowed us to save drinkable water by 25%, although the number of passengers increased by more than 26%.

With a view to the future, we are envisaging new infrastructures to recycle water from toilets to use it in specific activities where drinkable water is not needed, like, for instance, Firemen training activities or the irrigation of green areas.


  • Waste waters produced by Naples Airport are mainly represented by:
    • • domestic waters discharged to public sewers;
    • • runoff rainwater from aprons discharged to upper soil layers and to the subsoil.

    Discharges are authorized by the competent entities, as per Presidential Decree No. 59 dated 13 march 2013.

    Runoff rainwater from the airport territory is collected through a specific drainage system and treated in a sedimentation and de-oiling plant before being discharged to the soil through draining fields. Treatment plants are subjected to a maintenance and discharge monitoring plan.

    Discharges self-inspection program

    The monitoring activity showed that there were no significant anomalies in the analyzed points; the limits set by the current Italian regulation are respected. As per procedure, monitoring data are forwarded to the competent entities.