The Commission set as per art. 5 of the Ministerial Decree dated 31/10/97

The Commission set in July 2000 in Naples Airport as per art. 5 of the Ministerial Decree dated 31/10/97 is chaired by ENAC and its members are ARPA Campania (the Regional Agency for Environmental Protection), the Province of Naples, Campania Region, the City of Casoria, the City of Naples, the City of Afragola, Gesac, ENAV (Italian Air Safety Agency) and the Italian Ministry of the Environment. Over the years, it has worked in the field of aviation-generated noise by elaborating and adopting the measures regarding management and plants that are needed for noise abatement.

Over the years, the activities of the Commission have regarded several aspects of noise management, among which:

  • • the approval of noise contours for 2001-2002 traffic as well as the airport acoustic zoning in 2003;
  • • the approval and adoption, in 2005, of the noise abatement procedure to mitigate the acoustic pressure on neighboring municipalities and its related surveillance and sanctioning procedures (Naples Airport was the first in Italy to apply sanctions to aircrafts).
  • • the adoption of further noise reduction measures, among which, for instance, engine test areas, facilities for the supply of electricity and air conditioned to parked aircrafts.
  • In 2017 and 2018, the Commission mainly worked on the analysis and the adoption of further noise-mitigating measures, particularly for night operations.