Monitoring systems

In 2006, Naples International Airport was among the first airports in Italy to equip itself with an aviation noise monitoring system, thanks to which we can constantly monitor the levels of the noise generated by aviation operations.

The monitoring system was realized and is managed according to the current Italian regulation; it consists of eight phonometric detectors, among which seven are fixed and one is mobile.

The monitoring system allows us:

a. to monitor every single flight operation in our airport, thus to assess the compliance with the noise abatement procedure for take-offs in the direction of the city of Naples.

b. to measure the acoustic impact on the territory through the phonometric detectors, by registering the data needed to calculate the noise pollution indexes (LVA, Airport Noise Level Assessment, as defined by the Ministerial Decree dated 31 October 1997).

Moreover, the monitoring system allows the analysis, registration and timely management of the citizens complaints addressed to the airport managing body, based on the given information and on the available data concerning acoustics, weather and operations.