Data and statistics

Aircraft movement noise levels in the vicinity of airports are closely tied to runway use and the type of operation, be it a landing or a take-off.

In order to ensure an effective distribution of traffic and noise in the areas surrounding the airport, a NOTAM (aviation notice) was adopted in January 2019 with the following provisions:

– during evening and night hours (19.00 – 06.00), all landings are to be operated from Casoria (RWY24)

– during night hours (between 23.00 and 06.00) both landings and take-offs are to be operated to/from Casoria (take-offs on RWY06 and landings on RWY24).  

The above, of course, shall be applied without prejudice to prerequisite flight safety conditions and only when tailwinds are not in excess of five knots.  

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Even as regards noise abatement procedures for take-offs in the direction of Naples, the airport has attained excellent compliance levels (99.8% in 2019) which reflects the efforts made by all involved parties in recent years.

In this section, all the data and statistics related to aviation noise levels produced by flight operations may be found.

Runway Use

One of the most decisive factors of aviation noise in the areas surrounding an airport is well-balanced runway use. To look into this aspect you can find data about percentages related to runway use right HERE.


Acoustic analyses on the detectors (LVA)

For each quarter, October – January, February – May and June – September, and on a yearly basis, we calculate the level of noise per each detector, as per the current Italian regulation.

Please find here the noise levels given by the detectors and expressed according to the LVA index for the year 2017.

LVA by detectors 2017

Compliance with the noise abatement procedure

We systematically check airlines compliance with the noise abatement departure procedure for take-offs in the direction of the City of Naples.

In 2020 we confirmed a very satisfactory compliance level, which was 99,7% of RWY24 departures.